Our Team – Keia J. Events

Keia J. Events is a network of professionals experienced in high quality marketing, web design, invitation design, and wedding and event planning. Our competitive team is comprised of leaders in their fields.

Amanda Stephan is our preferred photographer. Photography is her passion, plain and simple. She loves being able to capture those special moments in people’s lives and turn them into something beautiful that will last a lifetime. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Photography at Arizona State University. It has taught her to trust her “gut” and to photograph what inspires her. Her goal is to give her clients the best images and products that truly emphasize their own personal style. She is looking to capture the real you. And Keia J. Events supports her young talent and fresh eye. She has captured the essence of mothers, businessmen, professional athletes, and even tiny tots and babies. She is our go to girl!

Vivian Adenyni is the proud owner of Event House designs. Her top of the line invitations and party favors go hand in hand with the spirit of excellence wanted by any Keia J. Events client.

Each team member has either a higher level of education, several years of accredited experience in their industry, or an amazing eye to capture award winning events. Our team uses high quality resources for the development of each project design. Keia J. Events uses our expertise to follow the latest trends to ensure cutting-edge events. The team is relentless in pursuing the dream of its clients so that each receives a customized experience.

Keia J. Events specializes in destination events that feel like it was completed with all the comforts of home. We cater to regions all over the world such as Kenya, Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Japan, New York, and Los Angeles. Our job is to ensure you walk away feeling stress free after your occasion. We also seek to make any local event feel like you are on the aisle of St. Lucia or a sunset beach in Maui. We can make your day feel anyway you allow your imagination to take you!